Mercury Retrograde Out – Summer Fun In!


July 31st marked the last day of mercury retrograde, it is just about time to allow me to enjoy some of that summer 2019 fun in the sun. Therefore I made a list of 10 things you absolutely need in order to enjoy your best summer yet.

1 – Margaritas are a staple summer drink and deserves to look as pretty as it tastes in none other than the Libbey Cactus Margarita Glasses.

2 – Nothing is more necessary than some sun safety with this fun beach tent by Qipi Beach Cabana. You’ll be able to enjoy the best part of the sun while also keeping safe from the harmful rays.

3 – Keep all your drinks cool with the YETI Rambler Colster Can and Bottle Holder, after all it’s gonna way too hot for any lukewarm beverage.

4 – Ok, this item isn’t just for use during the summer months, even though it makes its fair share of appearances in my home but for all the tailgating and camping in your near future, nothing beats a portable Coleman gas grill .

5 – This next one is by far my favorite because wine quite simply loves me. These Host wine freeze cooling cups are amazing. The inside is lined with a cooling gel that allows to keep your drink cool even when it’s burning up outside.

6 – Summer is never complete without a good game of Cornhole, I live in beautiful south Florida and honestly that’s an all year round backyard necessity around here. GoSports makes a great regulation size bamboo set which includes 8 bean bags and carrying case.

7 – Who needs a new Unicorn pool tube? Absolutely everyone, wether you are cruising down a lazy river or simply hanging in your backyard pool, you just have to be in style.

8 – Bug repellent or not? No one likes those sticky sprays so replace it with Citronella Candles instead, good indoors and outdoors plus they look better.

9 – Dazzle your guests with a watermelon tap – I honestly get a kick out of making my own party keg with this cool watermelon spout.

10 – Lastly don’t forget your best jams – Bring you portable speakers with you wherever your adventures may take you this summer. JBL charge 3 waterproof portable speakers always get the job done for me.

Hope these items bring you as much joy as they sure bring me and family this summer.

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