Still Wearing Diapers?

Ok…most people will read the title and automatically think that I am referring a small human child but I am not. My child is a four legged, crazy hyper, insanely affectionate and protective beagle mix/forever puppy.

Why still wearing diapers you might be thinking? Well, Zoey is affected by what most vets seem to refer to as excitement or submissive peeing. My vet constantly attempts to comfort me with the fact that this happens quite often to puppies and she MIGHT outgrow this behavior by the time she reaches 5 years young.

Nevertheless, I still have to deal with the current situation. Zoey loves people so much that when she sees them, she can’t contain herself; Literally. This makes it very difficult to have people over for shall we say game night or any other night for that matter. She is ever so loving but there is only so much urination anyone can bear cleaning up after.

In order to help my lovely companion gain some confidence and feel more calm and collected when she meets and greets friends and family, I personally take the following steps:

  1. Remain Calm at all times.
  2. Take her on plenty of walks especially right before company arrives.
  3. Always give her lots of praise when she pees outside on walks.
  4. If an accident does occur, make sure to give her some alone time so that she can calm down.
  5. Make sure to remind all my guests to keep all greetings low key.
  6. Avoid eye contact and petting when she shows signs of excitement.
  7. Make use of washable puppy diapers. In case an accident happens, at least my guests and my floor will remain dry.
  8. Practice LOTS of patience.

I love my dog, she is my best gal and I will do just about anything to help her be her best self. I scoured the internet for months trying to find a quick fix for this problem and it just does not exist, at least not yet. But as she grows, I do notice she is definitely maturing and remaining calm the more I practice these steps with her.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and maybe they will help you find some clarity about your puppy puddle issues.

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