5 Ideas to Upgrade Your Rental Bedroom

Renting has many benefits, starting off with not having to worry about up-keeping a property. Plumbing backups, roofing issues etc… are just not your responsibility, those go hand in hand with homeownership (yikes).

While your bank account may be safe from having to fix major issues at the drop of a pin, renting has its fair share of downfalls. The never ending rent increases and inability to make your rental property your own, unless you get explicit consent from the homeowner (which is rare) or you want to jeopardize your security deposit.

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you know all too well the renter friendly color scheme, beige, beige and oh who would have thought? Light beige. The reason homeowners choose such a neutral palette is clear – It’s safe and matches practically any furnishings. If you are anything like me, you want color and personality in every room, especially your bedroom. Since I am in the process of redecorating my room, I decided to put together a list of renter friendly updates that anyone can make without dishing out the big bucks.

1 – Knobs

  • Doorknobs are a simple yet spectacular upgrade you can make to your boring builder grade entrance handle. With the help of a handy screwdriver, you can turn drab into fab. This sleek contemporary handle would definitely add well deserved flair. Just remember to save the knob that came with the unit so you can replace it when you move.
Heavy Duty Privacy Lever Lock Set for Interior Door
  • This second knob update does not affect the rental itself but can give your actual furnishing a boost to help bring that pop of color into your bedroom. Changing out your dresser and side table (if applicable) knobs can do just that. I find these round knobs extra chic, but of course you can choose any design that suits your taste.
ECREW Cabinet Round Knob

2 – Removable Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a big come back but for our rental friendly list, removable wallpaper may be best. Install and removing these wallpapers are typically a two person job and it does require a bit more measuring and preciseness than just replacing knobs but the outcome is sure to wow. A popular use of removable wallpaper is to create an accent wall behind your headboard, this option allows your the flexibility of choosing really bold colors and patterned paper. Of course, you can choose to install the wall paper throughout your bedroom but in that case I personally would choose a more subdued print.

York Wall Covering 
Arthouse Wall Covering

3 – Area Rug

Most apartment bedroom floors are carpeted, I was lucky enough to get a unit with a laminate upgrade which still needs a pop of color. Regardless of your current flooring situation, you can always layer an area rug on top, creating contrast in your room. The colors, textures and patterns are never ending, it comes down to taste. Sizing tends to be the hardest part of choosing an area rug, It took me nearly forever to decide on an 8′ x 10′ rug to house perfectly my queen bed and side tables on top.


4 – Curtains

Most apartments come with basic blinds that help deter light and wandering eyes. They are the perfect plan to maintain privacy but they don’t typically do much in the the sense of decor. Adding a simple curtain over the existing blinds can help create a better ambience. Hanging curtains mean installing curtain rods which is simple enough, just don’t forget to patch the holes when you move.

Sun Zero Curtain Panel, 54″ x 95″, Blush Pink

5 – Wall Sconces

A good way to upgrade your bedroom is to change up the lighting. Goodbye boring flush mounted light fixtures or plain bedside lamps. Wall sconces are an addition that will make a statement with no need for special electrical work, as long as you have an outlet under your near your bed, its as easy as a 1-2-3 project. Wall sconces come in a variety of styles and you can find them practically anywhere, you will however need to screw in the fixture into the wall which means once you move, you will have to patch minor holes.

   Possini Euro Design Circles Plug-in Wall Sconce
Rivet Mid-Century Modern Single Glass Globe Plug-In Wall Sconce 









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