The Right Choice?


Life is often confusing, full of uncertainties and indecision. Finding solutions to problems seems to be a daily occurrence which can be exhausting.

Sometimes our problems are technical such as fixing a flat tire, cleaning out a PC, filing taxes or updating a resume. These hold simple fixes – the information is out there for us to learn to patch a tire or call a towing company, for us to use self-guided tax software or hire an accountant who will handle it. All we have to do is research and decide on how to apply what we’ve learned.

Other times, the problems aren’t so simple and straight-forward; often we run the risk of upsetting others with our decisions. We are afraid that family members or friends will disapprove and we will have to defend our positions. This is especially difficult if we aren’t one hundred percent sure of what we want. There are so many thoughts and ideas that go through our minds constantly – everyone wants to give us advice and it makes it even more difficult to decide because – What if you should’ve taken that job? What if you shouldn’t have told your partner that secret? The options are endless and incessant. How will they react if you up and moved to the other side of the country or even the world? What will they say? What will they do? What will they think of me, of this, of my partner, of my choice? It’s overwhelming.

What is the right choice? You want to make the right choice. You want to be perfect. You want to please them all.

You can’t please them all.

Learning to move forward regardless of others’ reactions is the biggest lesson any one of us can learn. There is no perfect life, no perfect decision, no perfect choice. You can only make sensible decisions while not forgetting your voice in the crowd.

You have to listen to your gut feeling because only you know what will truly fulfill your happiness. When you are faced with difficult decisions and the options seem endless, Take deep breaths and remind yourself of what you want or need most at this very moment. Your life is not meant to be perfect, it’s meant to be yours, filled with your joys, your tears, your mistakes, and your triumphs.

Do not allow anyone else but yourself to dictate your perfectly imperfect, yet wonderful life.

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