Keep your house clean with pets

Keeping a clean home is tough enough and having pets does not make it easier. Our pets are part of the family and they just aren’t going anywhere. In order to make life with them just a tad bit easier, I compiled a few tips to help maintain a clean home without having to put our furry friends out.

1. Keep your pets clean

Keeping your furry friends clean will for sure help maintain a clean house. If your pet is anything like mine, he/she is tracking inside all type of nasties after rolling around in the dirt. While it may not be a good idea to shampoo your pet weekly, washing them down regularly with water will help keep the dirt out of your house. Make sure to let your pup dry completely in a separate room like laundry room, bathroom or empty kennel, that way you will avoid at all cost the wet doggy smell spreading all over your home.

2. Choose your sofa wisely

I can’t help it, I want my pup cuddling up on the couch with me all the time so I don’t even try to stop her. I learned quickly after rescuing my dog that my lovely beige sofa was not up to the task. If there is any wiggle room in your budget, I highly suggest upgrading your sofa to a leather or a tightly woven material, it will save you a world of headache trying to keep up with the dog hair. If budget is an issue, a couch cover can come in handy, you can easily toss them in the wash weekly. Trust me, Humans vs. Pet Hair is a fight that you just won’t win unless you take the appropriate steps.

3. Invest in a good vacuum

A good vacuum is a must. I opted for a robot vacuum, while their suction power isn’t the best, being able to schedule a daily vacuum will one hundred percent keep the pet hair at bay. I love my Eufy, she keeps me sane.

4. Clean your pet’s things

Cleaning your pet is one thing, cleaning their stuff is another. From their bed to favorite toys, bad smells will find a way to stick around. I cannot stress this enough but you should clean them regularly. Check if they are machine washable before tossing them in, if not a quick rinse by hand in the sink will also do the trick.

5. React quickly to messes

Living with pets means that you will have to pick up after messes. The quicker you are at picking up after them, the better your life will be. I suggest using a strong enzyme cleaner to really dig deep at smells and stains.

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5 thoughts on “Keep your house clean with pets

  1. Hi Stephania – fun post. I know I have an old dog who tends to make messes so I have my nice couch covered with throws which will stay there as long as she’s with us. What we don’t do for our pets.

  2. Good information, we have a small dog and large cat lol! One issue I find with a smaller dog is they drag their toys and other items (stolen food etc) underneath furniture that’s not always easily found. Otherwise he’s great, but I totally agree about the sofa. We had to change to get one that’s more pet friendly, because their comfort is just as important lol!